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A wave of awesomeness

A wave of awesomeness

The big message I’ve been getting lately is to follow my intuition (even if fear comes up).  The outcome … BIG rewards for me.  One of the most amazing experiences was meeting my food hero Sarah Wilson from“I Quit Sugar” guru a few months ago.

Let’s start this story at the beginning…  A while ago, I had a thought to take the boys to Chermside after school to buy presents for upcoming parties.  My “logical” mind said, “don’t go, it will be a nightmare” but my intuition quietly said, just go.  It flowed effortlessly and as we walked through Chermside, Courier Mail were promoting their subscription.  The boys saw they were giving away “snoods” (a cylinder of material that you twist around as a headband or armband)  Our $1 subscription got the boys a snood each, plus posters and much to Tim’s satisfaction, a lolly pop.  The sales assistance mentioned that subscribers could get a free ticket to the upcoming Brisbane Food and Wine Show.  I felt a little spark of excitement (my first clue?).

I got my double pass to the Food and Wine Show and was excited to see that Sarah Wilson was speaking on Saturday and Sunday.  My intution said go on Friday, so when I arrived I queued up and heard the lady in front of me ask if she could  take the unused ticket and use it again.  They said no, and before my brain could protest, I said ” oh we could have gone in together”.  She turned back to the staff and said could we?  They agreed. I said thankyou and it dawned on me that I now still had my free ticket.  In about 3 seconds my intution had worked out a plan to come back on Sunday and see Sarah Wilson.  I had a really lovely Friday afternoon at the Food and Wine Show- taste testing, checking out new products and having fun!

I hadn’t mentioned to my husband about going back, but when I woke up on Sunday, I felt a gentle but strong feeling to go and see Sarah Wilson.   I arrived in perfect time, parked underneath with ease.  I walked to the theatre where Sarah was to speak, and sat in the front row.  I was smiling to myself with excitement, when the organisers unexpectedly signalled all of us in the front row to move into the gourmet eating area .. we would be eating the dishes that Sarah was cooking + wine + sample bag of yummy food to take home – OMG.

Sarah was radiant and lovely and had a beautiful energy on stage. She spoke so warmly and calmly about eating real foods, and not overcomplicating healthy eating.  

First Course – Sardine Boats

Our first course arrived – Sardine boats.  Yumm.

Sarah continued to talk about not wasting food including taking home other people’s leftovers like heads and tails of sardine or unused butter patts. (I love that and always eat left overs)

Main course – IMG_3280slow cooker Vietnamese chicken. Super tasty.  I chat to my neighbour, I’m not  going to drink my wine, so passed it onto her.

Sarah then talked about eating for healthy gut and how good gelatine is, and cooked pomegranate jellies – topped with dark chocolate and pistachios. 

 I was grinning at how great things were, and ready to head home when the organisers said, people in this “gourmet section” could meet Sarah and have their photo taken.. another OMG.   When I spoke to her I said how I have all her books and have followed her for a long time.  I love her no waste stand and I love that despite criticism she receives she says what she wants to say and stand in her own integrity.  She smiled genuinely and when I asked her to autograph my copy of her latest book “Simplicious”, she wrote “Thank you”.


What an amazing few hours.  I was so filled with energy and excitement, I’m sure I was bouncing along as I walked out, just about bursting with happiness.

Seeing Sarah in real life has refocused on my food as I’ve gotten off-track.  I want to use this intuiton to chose the food that my body wants and have incredible kindness to myself in eating journey.

A side part of the story is Sarah’s book.  I’d decided I’d just get it out of the library, but when I dislocated my finger camping, it was sitting on the counter of the shop.  I had a spark of Yes, and asked Chris to buy it for me (my arm was in a sling so had to rely on him).  I was out of action that day at camping and spent the whole day reading and absorbing Sarah’s book … a silver lining perhaps??

I could never have “planned”, organised or even manifested something so amazing.  But, the lesson was clear – when I take a step forward & follow my intuition and be brave, the universe comes back with a tsunami of amazingness.

Fortune favours the brave

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  1. You are amazing Lulu. You have always been an inspiration in whatever you put your mind to. A gorgeous woman, I would imagine an unbelievable mother and a loyal friend. All power to you my friend. xxx

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