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Learn Nothing New – my Challenge for March

Learn Nothing New – my Challenge for March

I’m halfway through my first month long challenge – Learn Nothing New. I’ve taken on this challenge to break my addiction and overconsumption of information.  My objective is to consume less and create more … and listen to my own wisdom instead of other peoples.  The challenge felt very, … well, challenging!  But I felt excited and knew it was the right thing to do.  What my challenge looks like – no Facebook on my phone, no books (self help, but fiction is OK), no podcasts, no blogs or email newsletters or nice to read stuff.

The idea of consuming less and creating more, had seeped into my consciousness.  Some of the places I remember were Mr Money Moustache and Elizabeth Gilbert.  The fantastic podcast Sraight & Curly named it “learn nothing new”  I know I have a tendency to look for answers from “experts” rather than the real expert on me – ME!  I feel that if I stop consuming, then I’ll have more time for writing and creating.  And a publicly declared challenge seems good for my need for accountability as an Obliger (Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies),    The challenge so far –

Day 1 – Delete Facebook off my phone

Day 2 – Take back 10 books to the library – It is with a pang that I return these 10 fabulous books that I was sure I had time to read.  I realise each book could be a year long project and I’m trying to read these in 10 minutes here and there.

Day 3 – I made it all the way to Maleny and back without any podcasts or audio books

Day 6 – Feeling good. I am enjoying it. I’ve had a few slip ups – super tempting emails from my favourite authors e.g.. Productivity, Planning with Kids. I can feel myself heading inwards a little more. My affirmation seems to be, “I’m content”. Letting thoughts go and settle into accepting this moment.

Day 8 –   It has been good so far. A big change. I’m aiming to do 10,000 steps, and usually the first thing I do when I start walking is get out my phone to listen to podcasts, but I haven’t listened to anything since the challenge.

Day 9 – The hardest is emails because they just arrive. A lot of “nice to read emails” go straight to unroll me so I don’t see them, but there’s those ones that sneak in. I’m amazing how some headlines really get me in – 3 top tips, productivity, book reviews.

Day 10 – My yoga teacher said be content, even in uncomfortable poses.   Because I wasn’t full of other ideas, I really heard it. Be content.  I’m not missing Facebook

Day 11 – I’d been keeping a few emails to read after the end of the month, but deleted all of them today. My “promotions folder” in gmail is now empty. A surprisingly relieved feeling.

Day 12 –I can’t believe I am at Inbox Xero – That has never happened in my whole life.  I loved the feeling I got from deleting promotions emails, that I felt inspired to do my regular inbox. Deleted, and filed and in “action”, or “follow up”, or “to read” (after challenge). 

Day 13 – Missing podcasts the most hanging out the clothes, dishes, washes. Could I be more mindful doing these day to day activities?

Day 14 – I seem to be having more space in my life with less consuming. Inbox Xero is working for me. Did a time management document to see how I can best organise myself (instead of looking for some external idea). I downloaded habit app and 5 minute ideas. When I had a few minutes to spare, I went into my action folder on gmail to see what I could do.

The slip ups … I forgot I had ordered Kelly Exeter’s book (ironically her podcast is the one who named this concept “Learn Nothing New.  It is a 125 page book and I read it in one night.  I felt mindful though reading it, and because it wasn’t jumbled in with lots of other reading, I heard the messages.

Success and Things I’ve learned about myself

  • I “over consume” both food and information
  • My intuition is very powerful
  • I didn’t realise how distracted I was, so this challenger has allowed me to be more mindful, (my big overarching goal).
  • The alluring headings of newsletters and emails still attract my attention.
  • If I’ve got 5 minutes to spare, instead of going onto FB, I do one of the job on my “5 minute jobs list” – like tidy up, filing, pullup, dancebreak
  • I am typing in a journal everyday and loving it
  • I can do long journeys without listening to an ebook, but instead tuning into the moment

So far so good.  I’ll give a full wrap up at the end of the month. Lxx

My very first blog post

My very first blog post

  Today is a significant day as I take the scary step of putting myself out there to the world.  I am stopping playing small and instead step into the magnificence of being me.  Laurie is helping me today, and I am ever so grateful.  I had my intuitive inspiration at the Byron Bay LighthouseContinue Reading

I’m Lulu. A woman, mother and wife, committed to living my most authentic, free and joyful life. The blog is my self expression along my journey.  

I am reminding myself and you, that:- We are amazing woman, we are magnificent, we are lovely and we are perfect, just as we are.

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