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L for Love, Lulu and Leanne

L for Love, Lulu and Leanne

When I was born, my parents named me Leanne.  They loved having a daughter and loved the name.  I can’t remember when I first felt my name didn’t feel right, but when I was about eight, Mum told me she was close to calling me Andrea instead, I said “why didn’t you call me that!, it’s a much better name than Leanne”.  Growing up, friends might call me Lee, and Mum said, “no her name is Leanne”.  At High School I can remember REALLY not liking my name and making judgements of other girls called Leanne.

A few decades passed and I didn’t think much about it.  3 years ago I did a wonderful course called http://www.womenforwomen.net.au/home.html   During a process I had the realisation I wanted to change my name.  I came up with “Eva” as it was my grandmother’s middle name and I’d been thinking of using it if I’d had a daughter.  The name didn’t stick and I went on with life.  A few months later I did this process again and clear as anything I knew I wanted to change my name to Lulu.  The Women for Women group started calling me Lulu .. I tentatively told other friends and some called me Lulu and some didn’t.

At this stage, my husband doesn’t like the name and my kids think its kind of funny … like a toilet.  But boldly I started telling more people about Lulu – the name I have chosen for myself.  I introduce myself as Lulu, I changed my email address to Lulu, and as of today, I have changed Facebook to Lulu.  One day I would like to change it by depol, but until then I am both Lulu and Leanne.  I’ve always loved having a name starting with “L”.  Reminding me my favourite word …LOVE.  And Lulu says to me “love u love u”.

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I’m Lulu. A woman, mother and wife, committed to living my most authentic, free and joyful life. The blog is my self expression along my journey.  

I am reminding myself and you, that:- We are amazing woman, we are magnificent, we are lovely and we are perfect, just as we are.

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