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Miracle Mornings

Miracle Mornings

Mornings and I have not always been best friends, but the past month has changed that as I’ve implemented Miracle Mornings – a concept established by an inspiring American called Hal Elroy.  In a dark time of Hal’s life, he googled what the most successful people do, and he came up with things like, exercise, meditate, affirmations, reading.  He looked at his schedule to work out how he would fit these things in, and realised the morning was the time and set his alarm for 5am the next day.  His life was transformed, and I suspect my life will be transformed, if the past month is anything to go by.

I followed Hal’s lead, and set my alarm for 5am too.  I had already established a habit of going to hot yoga or exercise most mornings at 6am, so I didn’t have time to do the 10 minutes for each activity that Hal suggested.  I sat with it, and the idea came to do 5 minutes of each … but what are the activities that really resonate with me?  Ideas bubbled up and I settled on the highest value things for me.  Activities that have been on my “must do” list for ages, but hadn’t got into my schedule.  They were –

  • oil pulling
  • journalling (including 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I appreciate about myself. and “what would make today great”?
  • Hearth Maths
  • Meditation and chiropractic roll
  • Reading of my current goals and affirmations while doing my stretches.
  • Get dressed and off to yoga/gym

It felt amazing.  These are all “my” things – the things that nurture and enliven me.  If I miss a day, I don’t beat myself up.  If I’ve got a tiny batch of time, I do a part of it – maybe quick Journalling of what I am grateful for and “what would make today great” and 3 minute meditation.

It has done so much to nurture and support myself and had a unexpected psychological effect – previously all those “must dos” had created a lot of unconscious tension.  They had been saying or more likely screaming at me -”you’ve said for years you want to journal each day and you never do it .. you’re a slacker, you never follow through .. you’re not good enough…, all that black and white, mean talk of the inner critic.  Now, I am doing a little bit everyday of the activities that mean the most to me and my inner critic has calmed right down – well about that topic .. it’s still got lots of material on me about other aspects of my life!

I’m so glad I found this idea – not a fantastically new idea – lots of people over time have said – get out of bed earlier before everyone is up.  But the multiple activities and small time slots, started a spark in me, and mornings and I have become good friends, with thanks to our Miracle Mornings.

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