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My new hero … Pip Lincolne

My new hero … Pip Lincolne

I stumbled across Pip’s blog “Meet me at Mike’s” only a few weeks ago.  I just loved Pip’s style of writing, and what a bonus, she loved crochet.  I sat down and read and read her old blogs and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Ooh, then I read, she was coming to Brisbane to give a talk in the city library (I love Brisbane libraries so I was super happy).

Yesterday was the day and I arrived to a room buzzing with 150 or so lovely women.  The minute Pip started talking, I knew she was my new hero.  She was so wise, kind, smart, humble and yet so comfortable with herself.  Her self acceptance showed me a live example of how I want to feel about myself – a role model of living a creative life, doing the things she loves in a kind and giving way.

I was brave and put up my hand to ask a question.  I spoke about Pip’s fabulous recent blog,  “And you don’t have to win everyone over“. What I got out of that blog was ….  to settle into my authentic self – that this is who I am, and that’s enough.

I asked Pip about my current dilema – why I haven’t been able to write anything for my blog.  So gently and wisely she asked me “what do you think that’s about?”.   I said a part of me is saying “Who do I have the right to have a blog”.  This is the amazing answer Pip gave me …

“Ok, I’ll tell you something … if you are writing from your heart and it is what you believe, then you have a right to blog that.  I just think we all have the right to be heard and I see a lot of bloggers who say “I feel like everything has been written already and what do we need another voice. We DO need another voice. Of course you should be able to express yourself.  I think that is more about bravery and worrying what other people are going to think of a) you and b) your writing. I think you should forget about that and just do it anyway, because like we said it doesn’t matter if people don’t like it, or you, and if people say stuff about your writing and it gets into the heart of you and you can’t stop thinking about it, often there’s a glimour of truth in what they’re saying, and you just need to have a reflect on what they said and work out where you could apply that criticisim, even if it wasn’t particulary kind to your writing. I just think, don’t under-estimate yourself and how brave you can be. Put on that bulletproof vest and Listen to Taylor Swift when you might sink into that poor me hole and keep trying.   I think, You just have to do it.  I’ve written lots of books because I put myself on the line and said “hey do you want to do a book with me” They might have said no, or hated what I’d submitted. Imagine if I hadn’t taken that punt.  Imagine if you don’t take the risks you should take – you won’t get to do the stuff you’re meant to do.  And that sound so cheesy and entrepreneurial and inspirational, but it’s actually true.  Don’t miss out on stuff you are meant to be doing because you got a bit scared.

OMG.  Her words got into my body and I felt so free and alive afterwards.  I said to my family, that was the highlight of my week, month and year.  It brings tears to my eyes as I read it again.  So here I am, no bulletproof vest, (but ironically I am sipping my Bulletproof coffee), being brave, putting myself out there, with no judgement of myself. Lxxx


Image – Pip’s fabulous new book – Craft for the Soul

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  1. Dear LuLu,
    I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything from your blog for a while. I did think it was because life got in the way and you were very busy. I am glad you are back on track and I enjoyed reading your entry. Always be you and stay positive. To quote Nike, just do it! Stop over thinking and get on with life. Love you Sue xxx
    Look forward to the next entry!

  2. I’m with you in the Pip is my hero club . I did her online course nearly one year ago , “inspiration information” and had lots of those teary, see everything clearly, come alive, be brave moments . Aren’t we so fortunate ! Good on you and keep going . Emily xx

  3. I was totally there and totally remember your question and this answer. Your question really spoke to me! And Pip’s answer, of course, SANG to me! Great space you have here. 🙂

    • Wow Heike you were there!! What a great talk it was hey. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. Hi Lulu,

    It’s so lovely to ready your words about Pip. I feel the same way, she has steered me back to my creativity in more ways than one!

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