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My very first blog post

My very first blog post


Today is a significant day as I take the scary step of putting myself out there to the world.  I am stopping playing small and instead step into the magnificence of being me.  Laurie is helping me today, and I am ever so grateful.  I had my intuitive inspiration at the Byron Bay Lighthouse – it said “your blog will be lululove”.  Things have flowed, and it feels so great.  This will be a place to document my life as it unfolds – all the things I am interested in, like health, happiness, mindfulness, cooking, yoga, parenting.

My inner critic is going a bit crazy, but lucky I’ve been listening to “self acceptance project” by sounds true, and know that my inner critic is just trying to keep me safe (and small).  I can welcome and accept that inner critic for the role it plays in my life, and know that I can listen to my intuition instead.


2 Responses to My very first blog post

  1. Congratulations, Lulu! Your site looks amazing, and I am looking forward to making all of your delicious recipes and listening to all of your amazing advice. I love you! xoxo

  2. Hi Lovely Lulu,
    I love, love, LOVE your Lulu Love blog!!!

    Congratulations on your brave and caring heart…all down hill from here (& up hill & then down hill again Ha).

    You have inspired me to stop the “paralysis by analysis” and take a brave step too this week…applying for a job I thought was beyond me.

    Sparkle On!
    Jojo xxx

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I’m Lulu. A woman, mother and wife, committed to living my most authentic, free and joyful life. The blog is my self expression along my journey.  

I am reminding myself and you, that:- We are amazing woman, we are magnificent, we are lovely and we are perfect, just as we are.

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