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One Year of Yoga

I made it.  I wanted to see how my body would change if I gave yoga a real go.  Now, 1 year and 137 hot yoga classes later, I can talk about my experience and how it feels in my body.

In the past I was a bit fearful of yoga – all that flexibility and co-ordination!  A few years ago I got brave and added a yoga class to week to my gym routine.  I think I first heard the concept from Paleo guru Mark Sisson, that “Exercising is necessary for good health, but too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing”, AND, to aim to move your body doing exercise you really LIKE doing.  I don’t like running, or long cardio … “could I do my kind of exercise,that makes me happy?”, I pondered.

The answer arrives  – Bonfire Yoga is coming to my suburb!  I signed up for a month of Bikram (hot) yoga and haven’t stopped. I cancelled my gym membership and started doing 3-4 hot yoga classes a week.   It’s part of my morning routine now where I set up at 5am every weekday, journal, meditate, stretch do Heart Maths and then go to yoga. In winter, I sometimes I turn up at Yoga in my PJ’s. Nobody cares. I change when I get there, or in the car at red lights (a biq risque!).

Changes I’ve seen after 1 year of yoga –

  1. I can touch my toes for the first time in my life
  2. My posture has significantly improved from round shouldered to standing tall (most of the time!) Bonfire also has Chiropractic care, which I’ve done for the year too, so together they’ve helped my posture.
  3. My mind is (relatively) quiet while doing classes and helps me with my Mindfulness focus in life.
  4. I have more energy and there must be lots of endorphins produced, because it really makes me feel really good
  5. I feel more connected and “in” my body.
  6. My hips have opened, my ham strings have lengthened, my balance has improved.
  7. I “Reach for my breath” – The founder of Bonfire Yoga, and my favourite yoga teacher, Dr A. taught us that after a tough posture, to “reach for the breath instead of reaching for a thought”. How profound.  I put that into practice outside the yoga room when ever I remember.
  8. A wise yoga teacher said “don’t take this moment for granted”.  A lesson for class and everywhere.

I’ve got no intention of stopping Yoga.  I love the discipline of Bikram- 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  I also do Ashtanga yoga at Bonfire, and after doing a Yin yoga class I’m interested to add these too – to balance out the masculine style of Bikram.

What movement do you like doing that makes your body feel good?

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